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  • Why are children struggling?
    Why are children struggling? Every person I see is struggling in some way.  Parents often ask me, "Why is my child not developing easily?" or "Why does my child have a Read more
  • Dar A Luz Meeting Info Part 2 RFK Jr.: CDC Vaccine Program a 'Cesspool of Corruption' Robert Kennedy on 6/2/15 Speaking in Albany, NY By Anne Dachel NewsMax covered Robert Kennedy, Jr.'s involvement in the vaccine controversy on June 1, 2015, Read more
  • Info for Dar A Luz Meeting: Vaccine Basics
    I have been asked to guide a discussion for families on the topic of vaccines.  I typically do not speak on "vaccines" alone, as I strongly believe there are many Read more
  • Vaccination: A Significant Medical Decision
    To all: This post has been years in the making.  The topic of vaccination often takes an emotional turn which I feel is unfortunate.  I have spent the past 10+ years Read more
  • Grants Available to attend the 2015 meeting of the Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association!
    Happy New Year to all! Each year I am proud to announce this opportunity for students and residents interested in rehabilitative vision care.  NORA has been hugely influential to the way I practice Read more