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Becoming a Patient

Welcome to the new patient center for the FOCUS Center for Vision and Learning! We understand that your time is precious.  

Please visit the common questions tab before calling to have a discussion with our office.  If you have more specific questions or would like to request a phone conversation with Dr. Lane please do call or email. 

Our office intake forms are provided here to help you save time in the office.  Please print them out and spend a few moments providing as much information as possible.  It may seem like Dr. Lane is asking a lot of questions, but she likes to help you understand vision in the context of your life.  Part of her being able to help put things into context is her having information.  Thank you for taking the time to be thorough. 

In addition to filling out the "Intake form for children", please provide reports of previous eye exams and other pertinent evaluations.  If possible this information should be provided to Dr. Lane prior to the evaluation time.    

If you are scheduling an appointment for yourself, please compile reports of previous evaluations with eye care providers and any other relevant provider.  The "Intake form for Adults" should be filled out prior to the evaluation time. 

Your appointment time with Dr. Lane begins at your scheduled time.  If you have to spend time filling out forms in the office it will interfere with how much time Dr. Lane has to work with you or your child.  Dr. Lane  rarely runs off schedule so please keep this in mind.