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Success Stories

  • "‘Thank you so much for the extraordinary work you have done with our son. You have made a real difference with his vision and reading.’"
  • "‘Thank you for all that you’ve done for our daughter. She is having a great year in school! At the last PTA her teacher told me that she is reading beautifully, doing well academically, and sitting still in class.’"
  • "'We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done for our son and our family. We appreciate your interest in seeing more than just a need for a glasses prescription but also a need to help a whole child. It’s such a pleasure to work with a practice that is professional yet so approachable. Thank you for being accommodating and welcoming'"
  • "‘Thank you so much for helping our son. Your care and concern along with your professional touch has made it a wonderful experience.’"
  • "'With much appreciation for your patience, humor, and expertise – Our son has gained a noticeable comfort and fluency under your care that will serve him well for life.'"
  • "'Thank you for all of your hard and sincere devotion you have in seeing our son's success. You treat each person with such concern and respect, and we really feel it. You make it so pleasant and enjoyable to come!'"
  • "'Thanks for fixing my eyes and letting me see my nose. Now I can follow along in Gemara, I can also ride my bike without falling off because I can see the potholes. Now I can catch a spiral and curve ball. Thanks for letting me play your computer games and for reminding me about the magic “P” words.'"
  • "'Just wanted to thank you so much for working so well with my son and for all the effort you put into him! I really appreciate all your work and care each week! We hope we will see much continued progress very soon!'"
  • "'A belated but nonetheless sincere thank you. We appreciate your expertise and wealth of knowledge.'"
  • "'We would like to express our gratitude for all the work you put in to help our son in such a significant way. Your care and concern along with your expertise got out son very far.'"
  • "'Thank you for all your work with our daughter, dealing with her on the good days and the not such great days. Thank you for always sharing your knowledge to help our lives run more smoothly even when it is not strictly a vision related issue. Our daughter has really come a long way from the first day she sat in your office.'"
  • "'Everything you did and continue to do for me and my health means more than you know. I’m blessed to have met a doctor like you!'"