Vision Therapy

Vision Therapist in Spring Lake Heights, NJ

The primary way a person gathers information about the world is through their eyes. What the brain does with the information is what we call VISION.

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Meaningful Moves

Vision Therapist in Spring Lake Heights, NJ

This program has been designed by Dr. Lane to help optimize early learning and development in an effort to prevent developmental difficulties.

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New Patients

Vision Therapist in Spring Lake Heights, NJ

As a new patient we want to make sure that you are comfortable and are well aware of every piece of information that we have about vision therapy.

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Welcome to Focus Center for Vision and Learning

Dr. Lane provides full scope pediatric eye care with a special interest in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation.

Dr. Lane often serves as the primary eye care provider for young children but is often the specialist for older children and adults. Many patients who see Dr. Lane have been evaluated and are currently working with other eye doctors at the same time as they are being seen by Dr. Lane.

Many referrals to Dr. Lane are made by Occupational and Physical Therapists, tutors, teachers, pediatricians and other eye doctors.

At the FOCUS Center Dr. Sarah Lane provides a variety of services including:

  • Pediatric Eye Examinations
  • Developmental Optometric Evaluations
  • Functional Optometric Evaluation
  • Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Evaluations
  • Vision Therapy for Children and Adults
  • Vision Rehabilitation for Children and Adults

Dr. Lane’s style of care is holistic. Her philosophy holds that the eyes and vision are part of the whole body process. She helps you work to understand how making improvements on your visual skills can change your life. Dr. Lane has extended her training beyond traditional Optometric care, to include study of reflex integration and yoga. The addition of reflex integration and movement into the practice allows Dr. Lane to more completely address how vision difficulties are impacting daily life and allows her to work with children from birth and up, as well as people with more involved disabilities.

Many people Dr. Lane works with have been struggling with vision issues for a long time. Previous evaluations with traditional eye doctors that reveal “perfect vision” often delay the process of addressing a developmental/ functional vision issue.

A young child who is experiencing vision difficulty may show behavior or attention concerns. A child who sees double or blurry often can not articulate the problem, which leads to frustration and other behavior issues. A person who struggles with letter reversals when reading and writing may be experiencing a vision problem. Addressing the vision problem often leads to complete resolution of the concerns.

Dr. Lane routinely works with people who have strabismus (esotropia or exotropia), amblyopia (lazy eye), convergence insufficiency and oculomotor dysfunction. Many of the vision problems Dr. Lane detects can be overlooked by a traditional eye evaluation. Dr. Lane’s evaluation goes far beyond 20/20 eye sight and healthy eyes. Additional testing is done to assess eye focusing, eye teaming and eye tracking as well as visual perceptual abilities.

About Dr. Lane

Dr. Lane graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Laboratory Science. After a short time working in the Clinical Chemistry Laboratory at Fletcher Allen Healthcare, where she performed cholesterol testing, hormone testing, electrophoresis analysis of cerebral spinal fluid for diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and a variety of other tests, she decided her real calling was to work with people face-to-face.


"Thank you so much for the extraordinary work you have done with our son. You have made a real difference with his vision and reading."

"Thank you for all that you’ve done for our daughter. She is having a great year in school! At the last PTA her teacher told me that she is reading beautifully, doing well academically, and sitting still in class."

"With much appreciation for your patience, humor, and expertise – Our son has gained a noticeable comfort and fluency under your care that will serve him well for life."

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