Dr. Lane graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Laboratory Science. After a short time working in the Clinical Chemistry Laboratory at Fletcher Allen Healthcare, where she performed cholesterol testing, hormone testing, electrophoresis analysis of cerebral spinal fluid for diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and a variety of other tests, she decided her real calling was to work with people face-to-face. Dr. Lane chose Optometry as a way to interact with people and help them maximize their eye sight. When Dr. Lane started at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry(PCO), now part of Salus University, she was very excited to learn how to care for people and their eyes.

A few months into the Doctor of Optometry program at PCO she began experiencing headaches and blurry vision while reading and studying. After an eye examination at The Eye Institute she was diagnosed with Convergence Insufficiency and Accommodative Insufficiency, and prescribed a program of Optometric Vision Therapy. She worked hard through a program of exercises to improve her visual skills and in a short time was headache free and able to read and study efficiently without discomfort! This was Dr. Lane’s first experience with Optometric Vision Therapy and proved to change her life forever. Dr. Lane coordinated her externship program to focus specifically on Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation and Optometric Vision Therapy. She worked with doctors in California and New Jersey to learn the complex art of training visual skills and visual perception. Dr. Lane continued her education at the State University of New York College of Optometry in Manhattan and earned Residency Certification in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation. Dr. Lane currently lives in Manasquan, New Jersey with her family and offers Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation to children and adults in her community.

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