Does Dr. Lane accept my insurance?

Dr. Lane cannot accept insurance for any services provided at the FOCUS Center.  She is considered an “out of network” provider with all insurance companies and plans. If you have “out of network benefits” you will be able to submit your paid invoices to your insurance company.  All claim submission is done by parents or patients and payments are made directly to the insurance policy holder.  Dr. Lane and staff are happy to provide you with the information you need.

​I recently saw another Developmental Optometrist, do I need an evaluation visit with Dr. Lane before we start Vision Therapy?

Yes. Dr. Lane needs to complete an assessment consist with her approach and philosophy to determine the appropriate program for you or your child. Information from other providers can always help complete the picture but is not crucial to Dr. Lane’s evaluation.  If you feel comfortable providing the information from the other doctors please do so.

My child sees 20/20, could they still need vision therapy?

Many people who have 20/20 vision and healthy eyes are still struggling with vision issues that are considered functional.  Eye tracking, eye teaming and eye focusing are aspects of the visual system that can be poorly developed and dramatically impact performance in daily tasks.