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Meaningful Moves® is a movement program for babies and young children.  This program has been designed by Dr. Lane to help optimize early learning and development in an effort to prevent developmental difficulties.  Moving with your baby early and often has the power to change their life forever! Many parents are afraid to move and stretch with their babies, Dr. Lane can help you learn how to move with your baby and feel comfortable exploring together as you support their development.

Through Meaningful Moves®, Dr. Lane offers you the opportunity to experience the power of movement and body awareness by interacting and moving with your baby in ways that encourage optimal development of attention, behavior, fine and gross motor skills and sensory integration abilities. Dr. Lane combines her knowledge of child development and movement to show you simple activities that help develop sensory and motor skills. Sensory skills are basic responses to the environment like how your baby reacts to your touch, a ride in the car, a loud noise, a diaper change or something new in the hands or mouth. Motor skills are how your baby moves, including rolling, sitting, grasping with the hands and eventually crawling and walking. Eye movement skills and eye contact are subcategories of motor skills. Activating your baby’s nervous system with movement encourages development of the balance and coordination skills as a foundation for sitting, crawling, walking and eventually attention and learning. A well-organized nervous system also supports development of healthy sleep patterns, digestion, and language and communication skills.

Meaningful Moves® sessions are offered in a variety of situations.

  • Meaningful Moves® home exercises are a large part of the recommendations made for babies and small children after a routine eye exam.  These exercises help to encourage development of the visual system and help ensure better integration of all sensory systems.  Babies and small children who struggle with strabismus (eye turn), amblyopia (lazy eye), birth trauma, early illness, surgery or developmental delay can benefit tremendously from a Meaningful Moves® program.
  • Meaningful Moves ® group classes are appropriate for babies ages 6wks to pre walking.  These classes are offered periodically as a “parent and me” experience.  These classes offer less individual attention to each baby and focus more on teaching parents a routine of exercises to practice daily. The goal of these classes is not to treat any specific concern but rather to have fun while exploring movements that encourage and enhance development of sensory and motor skills.  Learning how to help your baby explore their world through movement will enhance your awareness and ability to meet them where they need you to be.  This experience will be invaluable as you watch your baby grow and change quickly during the first few years of life.
  • Meaningful Moves® private sessions are appropriate for newborns through age 3.  These sessions are available to offer an individualized program for you and your child.  A private session involves Dr. Lane working with your baby to assess and explore movement.  Throughout the session Dr. Lane will guide you through exercises and movements that will specifically benefit your baby.  Private sessions are ideal for babies who present with a specific concern.  Common concerns for babies are difficult birth, surgical birth, colic, fussiness, difficulty sleeping, dislike of tummy time, and infrequent bowel movements.  Common concerns for toddlers are delayed development of motor skills like rolling, sitting, crawling and walking and delay in speech.

There are 5 exercises included in the Meaningful Moves home program.

  1. I Have HANDS!
  2. I Have FEET!
  3. I can go UP and DOWN!
  4. I can go SIDE to SIDE!
  5. I can go UP side DOWN!

The time you spend with your baby can be more meaningful. More than anything in the world, a connection to the people who love them will serve as a foundation for who your baby becomes. You can use Meaningful Moves as a framework to help you become comfortable moving with your baby. The more organized information you provide to your baby’s developing brain and body the more opportunities you are giving them to optimally develop.

Why do you need Meaningful Moves?

Things have changed. Cell phones and technology have a significant presence in most people’s lives. Strollers are fancier than ever and many babies spend a lot of time in the “bucket”. The pressure to get your baby on a schedule of feeding and sleeping is real and there’s always someone telling you you’re not doing it right! We need to get back to the basics! Bonding with our children is key. You can use Meaningful Moves to help you bond with your baby as you introduce them to essential experiences for their developing brain and body.