Vision problems are very common in people who struggle with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Dr. Lane often describes Autism as a disorder that affects how nerves conduct information. In a normal situation, nerves conduct electricity throughout the body. Many people who are experiencing behaviors and symptoms that are consistent with Autism Spectrum Disorder have a very disorganized system of nerve conduction. It is as if there are electrical fires happening all over the body all of the time. When a person has “fires” that are constantly calling for attention it makes it difficult for them to function normally.

Symptoms of poor eye contact, poor visual attention, difficult attention, and resistance to near and academic work could be routed in disorders of the nervous system that deserve a chance to reorganize. Dr. Lane integrates her work with Reflex Integration and Optometric Vision Therapy to create programs for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder that aim at addressing the basic, foundational neurological pathways of the body and then building improved visual skills on top.

Autism Spectrum Disorders can be caused by a variety of things. Dr. Lane routinely advises parents and patients to explore possible triggers such as diet, environmental toxins and immune conditions. Addressing vision concerns is often best done after some of these more foundational things have been addressed.

For more information on resources to help find treatments that work please visit Epidemic Answers. Epidemic Answers is a non profit organization with a goal of guiding families toward resources that can help heal many of the reasons Autism Spectrum Disorder symptoms arise.

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