Many people believe that a child needs to be at least 8 years old to benefit from vision therapy.  Others believe that you can’t change the way the brain works after age 8.  Dr. Lane does not believe in either of these things.  If a person is struggling, Dr. Lane can make recommendations to help regardless of age.

Babies who have an eye turn (strabismus) can benefit from exercises to help them organize and integrate vision better.  Some babies need a surgery performed by an Ophthalmologist but many times surgery can be avoided if strategies to address the developmental and functional route of the eye turn are implemented early and consistently.  Even if surgery is going to be part of the treatment approach, therapy before surgery and after the surgery can help the brain to reorganize visual information, making the outcome of the surgery better.

Many of the strategies Dr. Lane uses with babies and small children are consistent with the Meaningful Moves® program.


Many adults struggle with headaches, eye strain and general fatigue with reading and computer work that could be caused by a functional vision problem. Many of the adults in need of vision therapy have struggled with symptoms for a number of years and have often developed compensations and strategies to avoid the activities that cause them discomfort. Dizziness, disorientation after movement and difficulty with fluorescent lights could also be symptoms of a vision problem.

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