Vision difficulties often go undiagnosed and therefore untreated. Many people struggling with reading, attention difficulties, headaches and learning in general are struggling with vision related issues.

Look through the following list of questions. If you answer yes to these questions, you or your child may have a vision problem.

  • Is eye contact difficult and/ or uncomfortable?
  • Do you have difficulty paying attention in school or at work?
  • Do you feel that the words look like they move when you try to read?
  • Do you have difficulty with drawing and handwriting?
  • Did you have or are you having difficulty learning to read?
  • Is large print easier to read than smaller print?
  • Does it seem like reading is better or more consistent one moment and then very difficult the next?
  • Do you lose your place when reading?
  • Do you tend to skip letters or words when reading?
  • Do you have a tendency to guess words based on the first letter?
  • Do your eyes tear, turn red, or burn after near work?
  • Do you experience occasional double vision?
  • Do you experience headaches with reading and near work?
  • Do you feel sensitive to light and/or fluorescent lighting?

Vision Therapy often takes on different forms depending on the specific situation. Young children require a different program than an adult. People with Autism Spectrum Disorders who struggle with verbal communication require different techniques than a middle schooler struggling with reading fluency. Dr. Lane tailors each program to the specific needs of each person. If you or your child is struggling with a vision related issue, Dr. Lane may be able to help!

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